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January 15, 2013

It seems they can’t help themselves.

Despite assertions that jobs and the economy would be their top priority – Indiana legislators have already introduced a number of dangerous anti-women’s health bills.

Take a look at the legislation that’s been filed – just 8 days into the 2013 session!

SB101 (Banks, Kruse) – Written materials on abortions. Requires the state department of health to develop written materials to be provided to a pregnant woman setting forth specified information. Allows the state department to charge a provider who requests the materials the cost of printing and distributing the materials. Specifies information to be included in the written materials.

SB179 (Banks, Yoder) – Physical plant requirements for abortion clinics. For purposes of hospital licensure law, modifies the definition of “abortion clinic” to include an entity that provides abortion inducing drugs for the purpose of inducing an abortion. Sets forth certain safety and health requirements that an abortion clinic must meet. Specifies that existing licensed abortion clinics must meet the safety and health requirements. Requires the state department of health to inspect an abortion clinic at least one time per year.indiana statehouse

SB183 (Banks, Kruse) – Sex selection and genetic abnormality abortion ban. Prohibits a person from performing an abortion if the person knows that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion because of: (1) the sex of the fetus; or (2) a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or a genetic abnormality. Makes it a Class C felony if a person knowingly or intentionally commits a sex-selective abortion or an abortion conducted because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome or other genetic abnormality. Provides for civil relief.

SB335 (Kruse) – Insurance coverage of abortions. Prohibits a state employee health plan, an individual or group policy of accident and sickness insurance, and a group or individual contract with a health maintenance organization from including coverage for abortion unless the abortion is necessary to prevent a substantial permanent impairment of the life or physical health of the pregnant woman. Allows an insurer or health maintenance organization to offer a rider for abortion services if the insurer or health maintenance organization charges an additional premium for the rider.

SB371 (Holdman) – Abortion inducing drugs. Amends the definition of “abortion clinic” to include facilities that provide abortion inducing drugs. Specifies that only a physician who meets certain conditions may administer to a pregnant woman an abortion inducing drug, and sets forth the procedure the physician must follow. Requires a physician who learns of an adverse event following the use of an abortion inducing drug to report the adverse event to the Food and Drug Administration and the medical licensing board. Specifies that the reports of adverse events related to abortion inducing drugs and maintained by the medical licensing board are public records. Makes a violation concerning distribution of an abortion inducing drug and failure to report an adverse event a Class A misdemeanor.

As you would expect, our legislative team has been communicating and meeting regularly with members of the Indiana General Assembly, to talk about these bills.  We’re keeping a close eye on the above list, and know that more troubling legislation may be on the horizon.

We’re also, of course, very aware of the man who was sworn in as our state’s 50th governor just yesterday.  Gov. Mike Pence has said that jobs and education will be his main focus when he’s in the Statehouse, and we intend to hold him to that promise.

So, tell us, what do you foresee for the 2013 session?  And don’t forget, you can always join us in our fight to protect our patients by becoming a part of the Advocates team!

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